Mental Health Mondays: Thanksgiving [VIDEO]


Well, Turkey Day is right around the corner and I am starting to feel that anticipatory anxiety starting to creep in. If you’re thinking its because my wife and I are host, it’s not.  All it is, is knowing that I will be around a ton of people and not really able to get away for a couple of days.

The holidays are definitely a time of joy, but for some, it can be scary, and or sad/lonely. I have definitely been there – not having anyone close around a Holiday can be really hard. However, there are always people to talk to. As I said on the show earlier, if you need to reach out, email me at ROCKI@WNNS.COM. It could be on Thanksgiving. I don’t care. You reach our if you need.

Now for those who won’t be alone but are nervous about being around a lot of people. Find a place, even if its outside, that you can go to and be alone. If things start to get overwhelming, get to that spot and give yourself the time to calm down. Also, telling people you are feeling anxious isn’t a bad thing to do either. Most people will completely understand, and just the fact that you acknowledged it tales that power right away from the anxiety.

No matter how you are feeling going into this Thanksgiving, know you always have someone to reach out to in me. Enjoy your holiday. Be safe. Try to live in the moment and enjoy some of those GUILT FREE calories!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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