Black Friday Shopping: Places To Save [VIDEO]


Black Friday is here and here to stay. I’m personally glad it’s no longer a stampede that literally put people in the hospital, but it still can get aggressive.

Apparently, last year’s Black Friday sales drew 122.7 million Americans to shop in person and 130.2 million to shop online. If you are planning on being one of these numbers this year, we have some tips for you that might make you spend your time a little more efficiently.

The personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2023’s Best Places to Shop on Black Friday to help consumers maximize their savings.

Best Black Friday Retailers (Avg. Discount)
1. JCPenney (59.12%) 6. BJ’s (30.11%)
2. Macy’s (58.19%) 7. Best Buy (29.78%)
3. Belk (54.76%) 8. Amazon (28.48%)
4. Kohl’s (48.81%) 9. Walmart (26.88%)
5. Target (32.70%) 10. Dell (25.79%)

Key Stats

  • JCPenney has the highest overall discount rate, at 59.12 percent, whereas Costco has the lowest at 17.07 percent.
  • The overall average discount for Black Friday is 35 percent. Consumers should aim for this discount amount or higher to avoid Black Friday traps.
  • The “Apparel & Accessories” category has one of the biggest shares of discounted items, 15.72 percent off all offers, whereas the “Consumer Packaged Goods” category has the smallest at 4.16 percent.

So this year, you have at least a bit of guide. JC Penny seems to be a great place to go for what you can get from there! Enjoy your shopping, but most importantly, BE SAFE!


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